The Three P’s

The 3 P’s Prior Planning and Preparation; three words (some of you may recognise) that dominated my life for a number of years and ones I felt would be well suited to our new lifestyle over here in the sun. So we duly set about planning our programme for the forthcoming week taking into particular consideration the weather (as much of our work required a dry roof), George’s timetable (to avoid him climbing the roof) and the chickens (to avoid them following us onto the roof). Just when we had a workable programme to adhere to, along came a neighbour with a different agenda.

We had long been putting of doing some work to the road (loose term) that runs along the side of the property (that our neighbour has right of access to) as there was a large landslide to one side, some beastly thorn bushes on the other and at present we do not need to use it (until I get my tractor that is). But friendly and very helpful neighbour decided that it had been blocked for far too long and we needed to do something about it and had therefore arranged for us to meet a local chap he knows who could come up with his digger to clear the landslide and some of the other bits and pieces – oh and now was the perfect time for us to go and discuss the clearance with said digger operator. So with no further ado, the weeks original programme went into back pocket and we headed down the hill to meet the digger operator. Three days later and after a lot of sweat and tears (obviously the digger could only do so much and then I had to wade in under close neighbourly supervision to cut and drag bushes, thorns and branches away) we have a new Autostrada (motorway) bounding our property, which I am reliably informed will be suitable for a lorry to collect all our chestnuts (thats another story). And so the week came to a close with us looking forward to the next week when we could get up onto the roof, possibly.

So the old adage that I have often considered more appopriate than the 3 P’s once again comes into place; plan early, plan twice!!!!


2 responses to “The Three P’s

  1. No, but we can drive an articulated lorry to our neighbour’s! Seriously. We have also cleared the old road up to Colle San Marco (our neighbour less happy about this one!) so we can walk up to the pool, except that the last 20 metres are very steep and not easy, we have the support of the president of the local mountaineering club in keeping it open and in improving the last bit though. Historically it is an important path and they are very happy that we have found it and cleared it so far. So, yes, we can walk to the pool now! X

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