Home Alone

So a year into our new venture and Martine has finally built up the courage to leave George and me at home whilst she returns to blighty and what a week she has choosen. You knew it was going to be good when the weather changed markedly from bright sunshine and Polo shirt weather on sunday when we visited Civitella (her last day)

to gale force winds and rain on the monday (to the point where we thought her flight might be cancelled due to the strong winds) and the tuesday and now the wednesday. The rain has been so heavy and persistant that our once empty pond which is about 6 feet deep, 5 metres across and 15 metres long, filled up in a single day and the landslide that we moved not three weeks ago to create the nice new road running along the top of the orchard


has returned courtesy of the rain (definitely time for a tractor).


As a result I have now been left looking after a grumpy donkey who can’t go out in the rain, four chickens who refuse to come in out of the rain, 2 cats that won’t leave the house in the rain, George who wants to know why I am taking him for his additional Italian lesson when in fact he knows more Italian than me (fair point here), a leak in the kitchen wall and now a new leak in the kitchen roof, the new wood/pellet burner’s motor has seized oh and did I mention that we had a very large tree fall down aswell, luckily not on a building or on the main road (more to follow including pictures). But I am not complaining ‘oh no’ after all one of the reasons we moved to Italy was for the weather!!! I shall perservere through these challenges and see what comes next. Hoping that for the rest of the week we (George and I) can resort to the original plans of Pizza, beer (for me), and radio controlled toys.




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