Free Firewood

As promised in my last blog, an explanation of our fallen tree.  We knew when we bought the house, that there was never going to be a shortage of firewood given the number of trees we had that had already shed branches or fallen down over the years.  However, the storms of last week have added a whole new dimension to our wood stocks which should mean free firewood for a long time to come.  The tree in question for those who have visited, is the large Oak just outside the double garage and opposite the dodgy steps up to the house (must get to doing thoose steps having had some expert step building tuition recently).  Martine and I had been looking and discussing the tree only last week as she had recently read about some root eating mushrooms that we knew were near its base and we had noticed that some of the trunk had started to rot through.  In our discussion the various what to do options cropped up along with I wonder if it fell would it reach the road?  What other trees would it take with it? Would it damage the driveway?  Well I now know the answers to all those questions.

With the root eating mushrooms, some very very heavy rain and a stiff breeze the poor tree didn’t stand a chance and tumbled down the slope last week.  The tree is (I have not started chopping yet hence the present tense as the chainsaw is too small) about 400cm in diameter at the base and was over 40 feet high (clearly as it is lying down it is no longer that high but 40 feet long now).  Fortunately for us, when it fell it avoided all the power and telephone lines nearby, it didn’t quite make the public road (but I do now know our bottom garden is over 40 feet long) and it took only a small chunk out of the driveway as the pictures show.  It did however take a couple of smaller trees down along the way, stripping the branches off a pine down one side and destroying a green wire fence.


Did try to get George to climb into the hole to give an idea of size, but he didn’t trust me!!!!


So despite the shock in the morning, we now have a whole new view out over the village of San Pietro, enough firewood for years (eco lifestyle), wood a plenty to put my woodwork resettlement course into good use making all sorts, any guests coming to visit can now see the house on their way in and I did not have to get in a tree specialist to fell it at great cost.

Finally for those with a suspicious mind it was not a ploy to get a new chainsaw whilst Martine was away, honest!!!!


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