Beach Walk

With the news that the weather was about to turn wintry towards the middle of the week, we decided to take advantage of the sun and head down to the beach for a stroll.

On a previous excursion, we had seen the signs for the Sentina Nature Reserve and thought this would be worth a visit. It is a wetland area that covers approx 178 hectares situated right on the coast and is supposed to be a stopover point for migratory birds. The area itself is really quite beautiful and quiet. On one side you are right on the seashore, which then becomes marshland as it goes inland and onto some farmers fields, whilst on its left and right it is bordered by rivers which add to its seclusion.

Throughout the walk there are a number of bird hides that are well placed and maintained from which to admire the birdlife.

Unfortunately we did not see the variety of birds that are supposed to be there (it is the middle of winter), but we did see (that we could identify that is, as you can see I am no expert but more a generalist) a heron, some coots, a redstart, sea gulls (various), some ducks, two Grebe’s, a number of smaller birds in the reeds and a swan cygnet (which apparently should not have been there as they do not routinely migrate this way). I think the next visit in spring will be better planned with a bird book and binoculars as it is definitely a place worth visiting although mid summer might not be the best time unfortunately for our guests.


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