First Snowfall

I realise that we are probably two months behind the Canadian Albons but we are now under a metre of snow up here in the mountains (remind me never to buy a house with a long drive again as snow clearing takes forever). Typical really as last year I changed the car tyres into snow tyres in accordance with the regulations and it stayed above 15C for ages. This year I left the summer tyres on and the snow has come down more heavily than anticipated (fortunately I have got snow chains but will feel slightly embarrased when we go to the garage to change the tyres – horse, stable door, bolted, springs to mind). Hopefully by next year I will have sorted out this snowy weather/tyre problem.

On the other hand, you can picture the smile on Georges face this morning when he woke up to the new snow covering the garden and he realised that the schoolbus was not going to make the hill (a joy shortlived when he was reminded that he could work from home especially on his Italian – are we cruel?). He has been out to start the snowman in between sessions though and had sufficient time to throw a snowball down my neck (back inside for more maths I say).
As for the animals, Ambrogio and the chickens are not that impressed with the snow as they are now stable bound once again. Ambrogio had a quick peek outside when we came up to do the stable, but it was only a small peek before he decided the straw bed might be more comfortable after all.

The chickens would probably have come out and got themselves covered given the choice but we decided against it. The cats seem to be more sensible and have retired into the house and are refusing to venture out again.

Meanwhile Ascoli seems to have missed it once again with our town friends wondering what all the fuss is about!!!



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