Siege mentality

I have never been in a siege, I hope never to be in a siege…but it does feel rather as I imagine it to be the day after a siege has been lifted. No wooden horse, just a feisty donkey and a feeling of returning to some kind of familiar routine.
The forecast for the next week is sun! This morning we retrieved the electric fence from where it had been buried under snow and moved it down to the least waterlogged area we could find and let Ambrogio out….and how he ran! Not only us happy to get out in the sun! We also let the chickens out for the first time in a week, they are staying close to the stable at the moment but I pity any insects within a 100m radius, they have a week of digging to make up for. And the cats, who have been determined to sleep ON my feet for a week went out last night for an evening constitutional and didn’t come back in – I could actually feel my feet when I woke up this morning, though they were a bit cooler than usual.
The whole siege thing is not helped by our efforts to live ecologically. Our solar panels are great and saving us a lot of money but if you are doing this properly you don’t do your washing when there is not enough power being generated and power is not generated when they are covered in snow. So George is nearly out of socks and there are a few loads going on today to catch up.
And then there is the fact that many roads around the area are blocked by landslides! The school bus driver deserves a medal for her efforts to get George (and others) to school!
Anyway, with a week of sun predicted it is back to situation normal, it is beautiful out there!


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