Antonia, I have decided, is the chicken version of me. She is the one who spent half the summer with bumblefoot and consequently had bandaged feet for a very long time as I tried to deal with it myself. No vet in this country would take you seriously if you tried to ask them to come out to treat a chicken…eat it and buy a new one is the general rule. Dave might manage but George and I would be off our food ( and off Dave ) for at least a week. Anyway, I diverge. Antonia is a little ragged round the feathers (like me) where she keeps charging into the undergrowth after live and fast moving bugs(I am usually trying to get the last bit of pesky ivy or bramble rather than a juicy grasshopper). This afternoon I found her sitting on the doorstep with blood pouring out of her foot. When Dave saw the blood he thought it was me, it usually is. I can only assume that as we were bramble bashing this morning and the four chickens were diving in after us to dig (I was hoping they would find any snakes before I did!) she got on the wrong end of the brambles again. She is now sporting another, temporary, bandage until it stops bleeding!
Oh, she is the boss chicken too, bossy apparently like me, apparently.


4 responses to “Antonia

    • Cheeky wotsit! I shall set Ambrogio on you. He tried to eat me today! The donkey sanctuary recommend that straw should be his main foodsource in the winter, he disagrees and if hay is rationed he tries to eat me!

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