Happy Christmas!

We hoped to provide you with a tasteful picture of donkey in santa hat today but he refused the request. Said he would wear it as a nosebag if it was full of apples but that wasn’t quite what we were after. Ah well, as I have said before, all my animals (and family) are wilful and badly behaved but I wouldn’t have them any other way.
We have gone for a midway point between Italian and English Christmas here. Father Christmas did visit George last night causing great excitement as George realised that the great FC did not like marzipan on his cake either! FC does not have responsibility for Christmas stockings over here, that is the job of the befana ( a friendly witch on a broomstick ) who arrives on the 6 January. We have told George she only visits Italian children! He reckons he might manage to get a second stocking out of it!
Our main Christmas meal was last night and we ate fish as the Italians do and today we got the outside pizza oven going and had pizza for lunch. Yum. Ambrogio got his fence moved a bit for fresh grass and some of his favourite oats for breakfast and the chickens got left over spagetti. They love spagetti, they think it is worms.
We bought George some archery equipment for Christmas which he loves. We have spent the last hour shooting at targets in the orchard. Dave, unsurprisingly, is currently the best shot but I do have to point out that I did not have my glasses on AND I had to keep shooing the chickens away as they seemed to be fatally fascinated by the arrows landing. Every time one of us missed the target the chickens would run over to check out the arrow and see if it was edible. Doesn’t aid concentration!
Anyway, we have had a lovely quiet Christmas and hope all of our readers and followers have too. May you all have a lovely Christmas and a peaceful and happy new year.


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