We have travelled north to Lago Maggiore for a couple of days. Our Marche menagerie is in the capable hands of a friend Igina. Igina was the lady who happened to be driving past the end of our drive the day Ambrogio escaped. Without her he might still be out there so we are quite sure he is in safe hands.
This morning, in bright sunshine, we visited the Eremo of Santa Caterina, right at the bottom of a cliff just above the water level (only just above too, it has been raining terribly here!) and then we stopped at Cerro for a sandwich in a bar overlooking the tiny harbour. Well! I got quite distracted from my food! There were quite a number of great crested and slavonian grebes diving as a backdrop to a good aubergine parmigiana. Then a comorant arrived and then he collected three of his friends. They caught so many little fish that they kept dropping them as they surfaced! And to cap it all we were then treated to a fishing and flying display by a pair of kingfishers. All with a backdrop of the snowy alps and prealps. Lovely!


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