Buon Anno / Happy New Year

Buon Anno/Happy New Year to you all. Yes I know that I am a few days late but we have been really busy here, honest (part of my New Years resolution). Hopefully you all had a great evening and have now dried out sufficiently to get back into a normal routine. We decided that this year we would head down into Ascoli to see in the New Year. We started in the Piazza del Popolo in our “local” (Meletti), but for a hot chocolate this time (shock and surprise)and then joined the growing crowd as the midnight hour drew nearer.

The town council had arranged for a rather natty band to play in the New Year and they were really quite , playing hits of the 70’s and 80’s (George at this point was trying to fall asleep, dont think it was the music!!!). Then as midnight struck all hell broke loose as all around us people started letting off fireworks (yes in the middle of the crowded Piazza making it seem as dangerous as some of the other places I have visited during my career) yet nobody seemed perturbed by this wilful disregard for health and safety!!!! We, however, decided a swift exit was required and headed out of the Piazza to see the more formally organised firework display which was rather good it must be said.
It woke George up if nothing else and saved me having to carry him back to the car; Phew! he weighs a fair bit now. We then had to run the gauntlet of walking through the busy streets through firecrackers and the most incredibly loud bangs close at hand.
(We have since talked to Italian friends who cannot believe we even thought of going into town for new year, it is apparently well known that you risk life and limb by doing so. We know that now! Another step in our Italianisation.)

Well despite the noise and chaos downtown, we made it home to be greeted by a loud Happy New Year EE-AW from Ambrogio who was wide awake (unsurprisingly). What a nice way to start the year, just hope the neighbours enjoyed the 0100hrs greeting.


One response to “Buon Anno / Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year to you all. Sounds like quite a fun evening ! I would guess it’s pretty spectacular looking down on the fireworks from your place as well. Kerry

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