donkey trekking

DSCF2125DSCF2124I am not sure what the official definition of donkey trekking is…? Do you imagine riding the donkey or walking with it carrying your stuff? who leads? You or the donkey? We are learning the answers to these questions…

Over the last week we have been taking Ambrogio out for walks along the smaller roads and through the villages. He is like a child, well behaved in public whilst saving the unruly behaviour for home. Whilst walking in the grounds he tries to push us about and eat my right index finger, out in public he walks along as if he has been well behaved all his life. He is absolutely not bothered by cars, only shows mild interest in dogs but is scared stiff of drains (how am I supposed to train him out of that?!). He does, however, stop for frequent snacks… We are so confident that we are thinking of spending a comparitively large amount of money on a pack saddle and training him to carry a small amount of luggage so that our guests this summer will have the possibility of walking our lovely Sentiero della Memoria on Monte Piselli with the possibility of stopping for lunch at the Rifugio Paci with drinks, snacks and sundry items carried by Ambrogio. We may also be able to give rides to small children (a donkey cannot carry the weight of a full adult, 50 KG max reccomended), as George has volunteered to be the first rider!!! We have not yet had the courage to tell George that it is unlikely that Ambrogio will allow him to ride him in the style of Zorro…


2 responses to “donkey trekking

  1. The drain problem is really very difficult. Three of my donkeys have a mild aversion to metal drain covers and grids, but Morris has such a severe phobia of drains that we have had real battles in Finestrat. On one occasion Morris was stuck in a central square and refused every exit from the place – due to drain covers – for half an hour! I am trying to get advice on it.

  2. I have been told to keep walking him past and getting him used to the fact that they are nothing to be scared of…but I think there may be a limit!! Have you tried a pocketful of oats?! Ambrogio will even let us clean his hooves if we feed him oats!

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