George, like most 8 year old boys, is an expert with the finger gun. I think it is some kind of revolver. It comes with a well practiced explosion sound and a look on his face that says “do not mention homework again Mummy or else”. Over the last few mornings I have found myself in need of this device and am considering asking for insruction.
Finding the early mornings increasingly difficult as it got darker we got a new alarm clock for Christmas. It can be a radio but it also has the possibility of birdsong, breaking waves etc as it’s alarm sound. Along with a nice warming morning coloured light it is designed to help wake you more gently in the morning than the incessant beep of my very old watch, followed by a donkey. We chose garden birds (followed by a donkey) as our wake up call, I love listening to them as we go out to sort out the animals and couldn’t think of a nicer way to start. After a week however, I find myself with a mental image of George and his finger gun and the explosion noise he makes as I wake up to some very insistent birds….not a good way to start really so we may try the waves….


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