We have had a good food week this week. Mainly thanks to Tessa Kiros’ lovely tuscan cookbook “twelve” (don’t tell our marchegiani friends!). A great risotto made with red wine and radicchio and a “sformata”. This is an oven baked dish made with eggs and bechamel mixed with a vegetable, in this case cauliflower, in a breadcrumb base. We have grown our own cauliflower and it is jolly tasty…George very rudely calls it lego cauliflower, we still have issues with the fertility of our soil it seems, despite Ambrogio’s help! We have also made it with spinach and carrots, both completely different but just as good. (Our carrots were also lego sized, the spinach didn’t grow at all so shop bought I’m afraid!) This morning I visited, a blog we like and I think we may be having sweet potato and mozarella calzone in the very near future! I reccomend a visit to the site for those who haven’t found it yet.
If anyone would like one of the recipes above, leave a message and I will add it later. Buon appetito!


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