Wildlife Cam

Thanks to Amanda and Tony, we are now the proud owners of a Wildlife Cam (a camera that you can leave out in the wild and is triggered by movement) that we have set up in various locations around the grounds to discover what wildlife we do have here and where they tend to transit. To date we have had mixed success in terms of what we have but we can confirm; our 3 cats, our chickens, next door’s dog… badgers, foxes, wild boar and deer. A few of which are featured below (yes I am now working on getting better quality pictures and when I do they will be appearing our new WildlifeCam page):



As for other information we have now identified our outdoor cat’s (Butch a regular on film) route up and down the garden, we know our neighbour’s dog likes to visit after midnight and completes a one way circuit only and more recently we have evidence of the chickens going walkabout further up into the woods (really free range)which, considering the pictures of the fox, in daylight, in the same place, is not good news.


No hedgehogs yet though… We live in hope!


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