Mad, mad weather.

We are very aware of the apalling weather in UK and associated flooding. My mother and sister are very effectively cut off from one another by the Thames at the moment. The west side of Italy has also been hit by the same weather systems with severe flooding and landslides all over Liguria, Tuscany and even in Rome! Have a look at this amazing story from further north;

We have had rain but are feeling very fortunate as we have missed the worst, being protected by the Appenines to the west of us. This week we have even seen temperatures rise and the sun return!
Today the Scirocco arrived. There is always a touch of madness in the air when this wind comes in from the Sahara and today that madness hit Ambrogio. He was a very jittery donkey! Ears up, moving everywhere at speed, jumpy! Initially I tried to work out what animal was around and checked all the likely spots,or whether he had had a run in with the electric fence, but eventually realised it was the wind…and the heat! 24 degrees C outside…still only 14 inside but we are getting used to that!
I have been fencing young trees (against wild pigs and Ambrogio!)and digging in Ambrogio’s contribution to our vegetable garden in a T Shirt but we are told normality will return later in the week. This time last year, when Caroline and Geoff visited, it was snowing and VERY cold!


One response to “Mad, mad weather.

  1. It was March 18 last year when I wittered here a little about primroses and violets and apricot blossom… Well they all all out already along with the first of the plum trees. In Ascoli the mimosa is flowering! Fingers crossed against cold snaps!

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