Sunny Weekend

This weekend has been one of surprise and variety that reminds us why we gave up the hectic life in the UK and moved out to Italy into the countryside. On the surprise front, it all started this morning when, as we cleaned out Ambrogio’s stable, we saw a baby wild boar/cingiale running around the back garden trying to find a hole in the fence to get through (the ones we had so carefully fixed to stop any dogs coming in). As we tried to herd it towards an open gate (keeping a careful eye out for mum) it sped of in the opposite direction with a turn of speed an Olympic sprinter would have been proud of, leaving us for dust. As a result we have no idea where it finally went, so we may see it again!!! Meanwhile, Ambrogio simply looked on in amusement or was it disgust at being kept waiting for his breakfast.

As for variety, Martine and I had very different days as we both made the most of the return to glorious sunshine and warmth (unfortunately a little late for Adriana’s visit last week). Martine went path marking with CAI (alpine club) whilst George and I decided rather than bask in the sunshine at home we would venture up the local mountain, Monte Piselli and get some overdue winter sports in, as the pouring rain we had experienced during the week down the mountain had fallen as snow that little bit higher. So we spent the morning sledging (would have been T-shirt weather it was so warm, but we kept falling off into the snow so opted to keep fleeces on) and having a snowball fight before descending home for lunch outside on the patio in the baking sunshine.

It really was one of those days where you could have skied all morning and then been on the beach in the afternoon. In the end we settled for Martine having a cool drink after her walk up and down the mountain whilst George and I opted for a hot chocolate to ward off the snow chill – how different can you get.

On Sunday George went climbing with CAI at a newly discovered (new for us anyway) rock outcrop all of 20mins drive away. One to store away for friends and guests.
And to finish the weekend, we headed down to San Benedetto (the beach) to join in the Sunday afternoon giro in the sun, admiring the boats and yachts in the port and eating ice cream.


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