Building Work

In case anyone thought we had slowed down on the building/renovation work over winter, they will be glad to hear that the pace has now picked up again. Straight after the visit of Catherine and Rebecca (who choose the right time to leave given the dust and chaos) we had the builders back to put in a number of floor tiles in the rock room (finally) and then do some cosmetic building work at the back of the casetta now the sun was out. Small but time consuming work (I thought) until they completed the work in 2 days (I had previously told Martine I was putting a week aside to do it). Not only that, but we then got into a discussion with them about how best to put in a stairway from the new car parking area for the casetta to the sun patio. They were adamant that concrete steps were not in keeping with our eco living philosophy or the house and that the steps should be made from wood. It just so happened that they had seen some wooden poles in the garage (which I was keeping for fencing, more on that later) which they decided would be perfect for the job. The plan was they would start the project, do the first two steps to show us how it was done and then we would take over. Good plan that quickly failed, as the two builders were thoroughly enjoying doing something more creative and interesting than mixing cement and bricklaying and as a result they built the lot and we were not allowed anywhere near the steps, except to carry wood and stones that is. As a result we have a masterpiece for which we are now doing the landscaping for.
Not to be outdone by those professional builders, I have finally finished the plumbing on the outside sink unit that John and I started building last year, and then Kerry helped finish building (last year) – took a little longer than planned.
I have also finished putting in the new wooden garden fence which the builders were very complimentary about (once I had finished it, apparently it shouldn’t have taken five days!!!) and I am now building myself up to tackling the fence up the drive.

So as you can see life is not all sledging, beach visits and CAI activities (see previous blog), but some more serious events do take place!!!!


2 responses to “Building Work

  1. Dave, now that’s what I call a set of steps !!
    I’ll send a pic of my decking at some point – already used for G&T and eating this year, and mostly built during the winter in darkness, thanks to the head torch you kindly gave me.
    Not today though, it’s pouring down !

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