Spring Time

Although we have had a number of very warm and sunny days recently, our neighbour (who is yet to be wrong about this sort of thing) tells us that the good weather is now here (means no more snow not rain unfortunately). Plus we have heard our first Hoopoe. As a result we have set about doing some of those spring chores that need doing. The first task has been the deep clean of the Stalla much to the delight of Ambrogio and the chickens. This was not a task to be taken lightly as we discovered, as their was a fair amount of hay to be moved and replaced (whilst trying to keep the chickens out of the way).
It has also given us the opportunity to get out and about with Ambrogio, introducing him to the local community. After all they have had to put up with his braying over the past few months, so it is only fair they actually meet him.
The intention now is to start getting him to earn his way, assisting with the carrying of wood up/down the hill. He has a new Basto and blanket and even a saddle, however, George is sticking to his own methods of transportation for the moment.


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