Still here!

Apologies to our followers who we have abandoned somewhat in the last few weeks. We are still here, very much alive and kicking occasionally.
Ambrogio behaving well but being eaten alive by flies and refusing all medication, in fact he runs away from me (Martine) on sight now as I am chief medicator and Dave is his best friend as he gets the bribe with oats job while I dose him with fly spray. We have also discovered that he (Ambrogio) is a petrol head. Go anywhere nearby with a mower or strimmer and he charges in and tries to nuzzle the engine! Dave was quite alarmed the first few times but now he has got quite blasé!
Chickens are still causing chaos wherever they are. I have learnt that branches and rocks are good defences against digging…maybe that was the origin of the rockery?
Cats are fine, one fat, one thin, half cat still a half cat.
We are fine too. George finishes school tomorrow for the summer and is very excited, obviously. Dave and I are exhausted as we try to control the jungle and cope with the vagaries of italian workmen at the same time. They are not all in the same category as our builders, we have discovered! We have a scene reminiscent of the Somme where once there was a lawn, thanks to the gas men…who regard it as normal to break things as they work. Dry stone wall, two blueberry bushes, electricity cable to the garage house,large number of irises and, most spectacularly, a water pipe were all victim to their digger as well as our drive and lawn. We have our first guests of the year arriving this weekend so we were slightly fraught as you can imagine. Ah well.
Wildlife is great! We have caught (should be on the wildlife cam page soon) a porcupine and a beech marten on camera as well as a very large wild pig and several hundred pictures of chickens. Our squirrels are awake and Dave managed to catch one on film which is our great header photo for this post.
Red Squirrel
The hoopoes and hobbys are back too and our great tits are raising a second brood in the post box, the postman is not impressed! As I write, a squadron of bats is flying overhead….I love it here!!!


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