Is it me?

Dave has had to depart for England in a hurry, his father is not well and Dave has decided he would quite like to be there for a while, until they know what is wrong with him at least.

Left on my own I am more aware than ever of the foibles of my animals.
The chickens will eat anything, good normal chickens. Except that given a choice of chicken food and cat food they will always choose the cat food. Not only that but they have fixed a sensor to the back door to tell them when it is left open and unless I move my bed into the kitchen I have no hope of stopping them every time. It is costing a fortune in catfood. I suppose at least I am saving money on chicken food. Except that Ambrogio spends a decent amount of time trying to break into the chicken stable to eat their food. This morning he did a fairly good impression of a giraffe. This, of course, is in addition to the food that he is given. He has put on weight since his castration and we are trying to restrict his diet. Some hope. Then there are the cats…they are quite well behaved really. They prefer to sleep in Ambrogio’s food rather than eat it. But given the choice between a tin of catfood that has been open longer than an hour and my supper, guess which they would rather have? The chickens also tried to intimidate me into giving them my supper last night. I got my own back by spraying them in anti louse powder this morning. They have been avoiding me ever since. We have also discovered that our half cat, Butch, eats two meals a day here AND two meals a day up at our neighbours! Why did it take us two years to work this out?
Anyway, the weather has improved, the evening is warm, the cats are out mousing, the chickens are in bed and it is a cool and flyless evening so Ambrogio is eating grass. Life is good!


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