wildlife days

Yesterday I was jumped on by a snake. I don’t think it meant to jump on me, it was scared and needed to get down off the sink and it’s steering while flying is not well developed. Needless to say I squeaked quite loudly and we were both as scared as each other by the time he reached the ground and slithered off into a hole. Not grass snake, not slow worm but I didn’t get any further than that and I am not sure I want to know at that stage!

We have also got to know some of our nightly visitors better. The beech martens seem to be a family and have been noisily active for the last week. They have (much like British hedgehogs) discovered the ease of catfood and there seems to be a nightly race between them and the outside cat, Butch, to see who can get to the catfood first.


There was even greater excitement in the house this morning when we discovered a new night visitor!


I shall be dusting off all my hedgehog feeding stations forthwith!


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