walking to Castel Trosino

On Tuesday we walked out of our back gate (uphill) over Colle san Marco and back downhill to Castel Trosino for a lovely lunch at the rather marvelous Tarverna del Longobardo. It was (or should have been) a straightforward two hour walk which we extended somewhat by a small but significant wrong turn onto one of the mountain bike tracks of the Ascoli Natural Bike Park. Anyway, we made it in time for lunch, which was the important thing! We also established that the walk is suitable for Ambrogio although I am not sure the village cats would appreciate him being tethered in their sunny piazza whilst we lunched.

DSC_1501 George sneaking food to the cats under the table at the Taverna del Longobardo.

The taverna is so called for the extensive Longobard remains found on the hill above the village and now in ascoli’s museums.

After a lunch of olive ascolane, caponata, grilled veg, stuffed zucchini flowers, salame, cheese, 2 different pasta dishes and more we got a lift down to Ascoli and then walked up the footpath which eventually leads to the peak of the Montagna dei Fiori, Monte Girella (1814). Although this path used to be the main route up the mountain ( my 94 year old neighbour has pictures of herself with donkey en route) it would be a challenge to transit with a donkey these days.

Just as we arrived home it poured down with rain. Ascoli was flooded and several roads closed. Then the sun came back out. They do weather properly here. We sat smugly inside and slept well that night.


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