A most uneven race…

This afternoon I took Ambrogio with me up into the top fields so he could get some exercise and I could collect the chestnuts. I figured that I could stay ahead of him and grab the fallen before he got near. I had figured without his sense of smell. The first ten minutes were quite fraught as we raced about trying to beat each other to the open shells ( they are called “ricci” over here – hedgehogs!) and then we raced for the closed ones. He won the race here too as he just stamps on them whilst I have to carefully manipulate the shell to get it open without having the spines go through my shoes. Luckily, and this may come as a surprise to donkey owners, donkeys seem to have a finite capacity for eating chestnuts. After about ten minutes he moved on to eating the grass and I caught up. I felt like the tortoise from the tortoise and hare story. There is, of course, no real way of knowing if I really did catch up as all his have by now been digested and will not make a pretty sight in the morning.


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