Sunny Sunday

With the summer weather arriving a few months late this year, we took it upon ourselves  to head to the beach for a walk and lunch (I said beach walk, I had absolutely no intention of going into the sea, might be warm outside but the sea has cooled down somewhat).  The chosen location for our stroll was the Riserva Naturale Sentina which we have visited on a number of occasions as you can walk along the beach one way and then return via the wetlands and stop at the various wildldife hides.    Well in the glorious sunshine we walked up to Port D’Ascoli a healthy 45min stroll and rather than sit down to a 4hr lunch extravaganza, grabbed ourselves a rather large panini (sandwich) which we then devoured sitting on the beach in the 23 degrees C.


As would be expected we did then acquire ourselves a rather tasty real Italian ice cream (from what is rapidly becoming our favourite ice cream parlour, they even know us now!!!)

With a hearty lunch inside us we then began the return leg stopping along the way to view the various birds and wildlife that gathers in the Riserva.  However, it was not until the final hide that a burst of excitement came about as we saw what we thought was an otter swimming and eating in one of the pools (picture courtesy of George and no it is not Nessie).


So for the next ten minutes we stood in silence (quite a challenge for a 9yr old with a camera)  hoping to see it again but with no luck until another animal appeared on the far bank which we then thought was a European Beaver (even greater excitement).


So with the thought of two new animals to add to our list we returned home to confirm our sightings only to find that what we had actually seen was a Coypu (Nutria) or otherwise known as a  river rat.  Oh well next time eh.


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