cat doors

The walls and doors of our house here are too old and thick to even contemplate the installation of a catdoor so our cats have had to become adept at attracting our attention to be let in and out.

Coba miaows angelically at a door or window…but only when she has a mouse. Let her in at your peril, she eats all, noisily, except the liver. Required etiquette is that you make fuss of her then she goes to eat it outside. If no fuss is made she will miaow frantically and drive you mad. If no mouse has been caught she will go to any lit window and do anything she can think of to catch our attention until we open a window or door when she will wind herself around our legs in gratitude before heading for the food.

Tabitha is less subtle. She has decided that the biggest windows (the ones of the doors) are the most effective  and that for a speedy entry one is required to throw ones full weight at the window (and she is not a slim cat) and then slide down the wood below miaowing as if strangled. It is quite effective really. I am just glad our donkey is better behaved!


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