The new arrival.

Our new donkey, Sascha, has arrived. She is very delicate in everything she does, even in the way she turns round to kick Ambrogio when he has tried to bite her once too often. Their first meeting, , was lovely and then..!

DSC_1570 The main problem was food. All food belongs to Ambrogio, as we know, and he will eat humans if in his view there is a lack of grass. So you can imagine that giving hay to another donkey where he can’t reach it causes something of an upset. A truce has been reached and they are eating quite happily side by side from the same pile this evening…with the fence still between them.

Despite Ambrogio’s rude behaviour Sascha appears to be rather smitten with him. We had to limit his grazing so he could not wander too far away from her as she showed goat like ability to ignore the pain of the electric fence to get back close to him. Luckily she is very much easier to catch than Ambrogio and even left our  fruit trees alone!

We hope that over the next week we will be able to graze them in parallel and then let them run together up in the top field which should be big and dry enough for them to get all their biting and kicking attempts out of the way without hurting each other. Then she will move into the stable with him-things move fast round here you know, it’s the Italian blood.

Ambrogio before Sascha’s arrival, he knows there is something up and is doing his best to pull his tummy in and look handsome. Sascha is more supermodel shaped and needs to learn some eating skills from Ambrogio! We are hoping he might learn some manners from her.



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