Last day of the Holidays

This Christmas holiday seems to have passed in a flash. With one day left before George headed back to school and Martine and I returned to our list of priorities (yes we did take a short break, out of order I know) we decided to make the most of the blue skies and snow to head up the mountain with some friends.  Having reached the halfway point of San Giacomo and opted not to take my car any further, we loaded the kids into Nino’s Fiat Panda 4X4 rustbucket (must get one, possibly even in place of a tractor!!) to continue up the mountain, whilst three of us were left to walk.  Normally a short walk up Monte Piselli in the fresh air would be quite refreshing, however, given that is was -2 degrees C and there was snow everywhere, the short walk took a tad longer than anticipated but the views were outstanding.



By the time we arrived at the top the kids were well and truly ensconced in the sledging (with Nino no doubt beginning to think we had abandoned him and remained at the cafe at the bottom),



allowing us parents to enjoy the peace and tranquility (not counting the screams and shouts of look out (in Italian obviously)) whilst avoiding wayward sledges.



Of course the one thing with walking up the mountain because there is no room in the car, is that you have to walk down again, well some of us did anyway.



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