Change in the Air

As we move away from the early dark evenings and into the longer days (the advantage of living a little further South in Italy), I have noticed a change in the air.  It started about a week ago (and has continued I am happy to say) with George getting out of bed, changed and downstairs in plenty of time for breakfast (which is not normal for George especially on a schoolday) and then this morning he was downstairs, had cut the bread and started the toast for our breakfast before we were even downstairs.  Then the other evening he decided that it was time to do a bit of cooking and set about organising Martine to get the necessary ingredients out and ready for him to cook with.

DSC_1872 (2)

The end result was a large batch of rather tasty ginger cookies of all shapes and sizes (sorry no pictures George copyright rules).

So is this all a phase or was it as a result of falling off the sled (see featured image) and should he be banned from his CAI snowshoe expedition on Sunday or the school ski trip next week everyday after school (luck of living on a ski-able mountain I guess)??


2 responses to “Change in the Air

  1. Looking forward to tasting George’s culinary creations when we visit at the end of March 🙂 Cx

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