Mille Miglia on your doorstep

Given that we have not written a blog for ages, this being a week late seems rather efficient of us I think.

So the Mille Miglia (a car race that originated in Brescia in 1899 racing around the town and was even entered by Sir Stirling Moss once) came to Ascoli Piceno this year and by luck it passed right outside our front gate giving us a grandstand view.  The race starts in Brescia and as the name suggests travels 1000 miles down the east coast to Ascoli this year, then over to Rome and back up the west coast to Brescia over a four day period.  Now this might seem quite slow for a rally I hear you cry, but when you consider some of these cars were built as early as 1922, it is no mean feat.

DSC_2141  DSC_2167  DSC_2191  DSC_2211  DSC_2241  DSC_2258

In fact we felt sorry (well sort of sorry) for the Ferrari drivers who now enter the event in their modern flash cars but are restricted to doing 50kph over large stretches of the race (no loud roaring engines here Julian) in keeping with the rest of the field (how frustrating must that be???)

DSC_2101  DSC_2107  DSC_2110

With over 400 cars entering a number of which had entered some of the early races around Brescia (1925 – 1957), it took a fair while to transit past the house but made for some great viewing.  So what next on the Il Roccolo sporting website?

And one for Julian from the old military car selection:



2 responses to “Mille Miglia on your doorstep

  1. I think we might have driven most of that route when we got lost on the way from Florence to you!

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