Coppa Paolino Teodori – 2015

Today was the 54th Coppa Paolino Teodori Hill Climbing Race that involves some very fast cars racing from Colle San Marco to the top of the mountain at San Giacomo, a total of 5kms along some curvy winding roads.  The race is part of the FIA hill climbing circuit and had over 200 entries this year with a huge variety of cars (gratuitous car photos):

DSC_2456  DSC_2401DSC_2419DSC_2459

DSC_2443  DSC_2433

Once again, the weather was fantastic, so Martine and I decided to take a day off work (shock, horror I hear you say, especially  our friends in France) and walk up to Colle San Marco where we watched the pre race preparations and the start.  We had a particular interest this year as we had two of the drivers staying with us, so time to offer some local support.  Unfortunately they didn’t win although one did drive a great looking car, below. ( E2M 2000 formula Renault kit, to be precise….Martine)

DSC_2411  DSC_2463

Then as if fast cars racing up a very narrow road was not excitement enough, the media helicopter that was reporting on the event had a technical problem and appears to have crashed making an emergency landing (I say ‘appears’ as I am no expert, but helicopters should not land on their sides and we have just seen it go down the hill on the back of a fire recovery truck).  Luckily the crew were not seriously injured. As an aside, I am curious to know how long it took the fire trucks and ambulance to reach the top. The fastest race car took 2mins 9 secs, it takes us 6 mins when we go up and we all use the same route.

So all in all a rather dramatic and very noisy day (note to self, ear defenders needed next year).

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