In with the new…

Happy new year to all our readers. We have been somewhat absent for the second half of 2015 and have vowed to put that right …so! In with the new…..


In September we finally managed to get away on holiday…the first time in 3 years! We had a lovely time in Sorrento, walking, sightseeing and generally relaxing. We also came home with this young chap who was wandering the campsite…he had a broken leg and no hope of food in the winter so into a box he went and here he is, leg mended helping us with the chestnut harvest.

The chestnut harvest was ENORMOUS this year. We have suffered from a parasitic wasp which reduced our harvest from 300 kilos in the first year to 40 in the next two. This year we collected 800 kilos and who knows how many got left behind? We did get some help this year though…somebody finally decided to work for his living!

DSCF3030 DSCF3039 DSCF3038

And on the donkey front….meet Pellegrino who arrived in November with no fuss and is an absolute hooligan already. He is still small enough to manhandle if he is too naughty though, which makes his naughtiness a little easier to deal with than Ambrogios.

DSC_2943 DSC_2956 20151109_095055 DSC_2950

Happy 2016 to all!



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