A Winter’s Tale.

On Tuesday we escaped our 2 metre wall of snow. We made our way down the hill through scenes of utter destruction, trees down, rooves damaged and snow piled up everywhere. Arriving in Ascoli Piceno you would almost be forgiven for thinking this was a normal winter.I looked up the hill and there seemed to be a light covering of snow between the trees – no wonder people looked at me slightly oddly, armed with my new snow shovel to replace the old and overused version up the hill; “È finita la neve!” Someone said to me, “not up there it is not!”. It has compacted to 1metre now but is still causing us some problems as it has frozen solid.

It was beautiful to start with;


But after three days of snow we were struggling a little to get up to the donkey stable to feed them, especially as their water was freezing every hour and for two days we had to melt snow for water as our mains supply had stopped, along with the electricity that stopped for four!


Then the snow stopped. We managed to clear some kind of path to move around but it took another week to get the car out.


The car is somewhere behind there!

Our hay barns are no longer, but they were ugly anyway so a rebuild may be a good thing! Our young trees are no longer, a couple of them look as though they have exploded! Most of them will need replacing. Our older trees have been cut off at the top, so our view should have improved! Luckily, our older fruit trees have survived quite well and the chestnuts are mainly okay. The cats are venturing out again as are the chickens but the poor old donkeys are mightily fed up with their stable and their tiny piece of concrete.


A mightily fed up Sascha


2 responses to “A Winter’s Tale.

  1. An adventure yes…but cutting us off from the world and then throwing in four earthquakes, just for a laugh, a bit much don’t you think? How do you fancy coming out to help rebuild two hay barns?!

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