Five days into lockdown here in Italy and for us, the donkeys, the cats and the chickens there is really very little change! We have more time at home and are more relaxed about getting tasks done. The donkeys ( now multiplied from the last post 3 years ago! More about that in a moment) think it is great to have a bit more company and take every opportunity to do something to upset the balance of a quiet day in lockdown. AA0B91D0-3BC7-445B-A3E2-8E16C2BA4C51
Left to right: Sascha, Gem, Pellegrino and Ambrogio. Sascha was pregnant with Pellegrino when she arrived. He then managed the unspeakable with his mother before the vet arrived….luckily Gem is fine and a very affectionate young donkey. The vet has visited so we remain at  four. DA5B67E4-5BEE-46D9-B595-3CB55F1500F4Gem was the main culprit in today’s escape as I was trying to move the fence to give them a bit more grass, evidently acorns (not allowed) were more attractive than grass (allowed). Grass is actually in short supply as we are at the end of winter AND in the middle of a drought. Sorry UK readers.

2 responses to “Lockdown!

  1. Great to see you are now up to four donkeys. So you are now in the same position as me, with more donkeys than originally intended! And it’s good that you have time now – with the lockdown – to start blogging again. I’m going to create a widget in the sidebar on equusasinus.net to provide links to others blogging during the lockdown in different countries. (I have friends in France who are telling me they expect to join you in Italy and us in Spain, in nationally imposed home quarantine, before the weekend.) Keep safe!

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