friends and family

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portrait of Dave by George.

The second of our potential adoptees…eats our food, takes our attention then disappears…..Dave has named her and I have deticked her several times! will she come in as the weather gets colder? The first cat disappeared for good.
Dave the farmer, asrequestedby Julian!!
Picnic in the woods below the Eremo di San Marco with the Hickmans.

sonya, luke and I, mapreading!

George and Josh in the cave of Beato Corrado, carved from the rock by Beato Corrado. It was absolutly pouring with rain outside at this point, the beginning of our famous 4 days of downpours when we started this blog.

My birthday card from my mother….I just wish I’d managed to growbeans like that this year- otherwise it’s pretty accurate!

Ambrogio our new donkey joins the page. DSC_1103<


3 responses to “friends and family

    • Farmer Dave keeps zooming off with the camera! I shall have to swipe it early over the next couple of days! And I am pleased to announce that, at the present time, it looks as though my donkeys might be winning in the tractor/donkey discussions! Watch this space.

      • Ah, Ok, I see I shall have to concede with good grace and accept that donkey power will win the day. Although at least you can leave the tractor in the garage untended when you go away…and it won’t sulk when you return. Will you convert one of the buildings into a stable? The kids will love the nativity scene come Christmas! Hope all’s well – look forward to skype-ing again soon. Julian

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